TK Towing OXE200

On the Atchafalaya River in Louisiana, TK Towing uses a twin OXE200 installation for its everyday operations.

"A job that burned 44 gallons of gas we’ve been able to keep under 20 gallons with these engines. We could not believe the fuel economy."

Wade Crappell
VP of TK Towing

Twin OXE Diesel outboards on the Atchafalaya River

Providing safe working conditions with OXE Diesel

TK Towing, located in Morgan City, Louisiana, is a networking company that can provide a diversity of oil and gas industry-based services. They put emphasis on assuring safe working conditions within the company and to the environment. 

One of their boats, the 42'x13' multipurpose workboat Miss Ida, runs up and down the Atchafalaya River in Louisiana. She has a 4,000 lb. cargo deck capacity and is used every day to support dredging activities, transportation to and from oil and gas rigs amongst other things. The boat itself can carry up to 12 passengers. 

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