Introducing the OXE Hybrid 450, the world’s first diesel-electric hybrid outboard. Technology, available today, to transition demanding users into the future.


OXE Marine has a vision that drives everything we do; we want to make life at sea prosperous for people and planet. We are redefining the evolution of the diesel outboard, and are proud to unveil our latest outboard concept, the OXE Hybrid Outboard.

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450 horsepower of pure power. The (r)evolution continues. Our latest concept is a marriage of clean electric power and our robust and efficient OXE300.


The electric motor is strategically located under the cowling, connected to the drive-belt for seamless operation. Not only does this enhance performance, but it also allows the motor to serve as an alternator, providing the ability to charge the batteries while running in diesel mode. This advanced technology sets the OXE Hybrid 450 apart from the competition, offering a superior boating experience.

Harness the power of both worlds

Efficient and clean electricity meets robust and powerful diesel, in a merge previously unheard of in an outboard.

Discover the OXE Hybrid 450, a new concept model based on OXE Marine's leading diesel outboard technology combined with an electric motor, utilizing readily available technology, presenting unbeatable speed and torque. The OXE Hybrid 450 offers all the benefits of an OXE Diesel outboard along with a fully electric propulsion system – providing full electric drive, increased fuel savings and additional range and power when needed.

Target Specifications1

Electric Motor

Electric architecture: Axial Flux Motor

Electric motor: 150 hp, 400 volt, 124 Kw, 230Nm

Battery: Configuration Application Dependent

Technical Specifications

Diesel Engine

Engine type: Diesel Engine, L6. Block built by BMW.

Displacement: 3.0 L

Intake: Turbocharged, intercooled.

Torque: 680Nm at 1750 rpm

Power: 300 hp at 4200-4400 rpm

Fuel: Diesel EN 590, ASTM D 975 No.1 No.2. JIS KK2204, F54 & F75, biofuels HVO100 and B7

A concept in development

OXE Marine are developing the next outboard for demanding users. Still in a concept phase, the first prototype of the OXE Hybrid 450 was revealed at Miami Boat Show in 2023. More information on public release to come. 

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1. Targeted figures. Subject to change. 

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