Swedish Sea Rescue Society OXE200

The station in Höganäs uses an OXE200 in their daily operations

"We can’t help others if we are not safe ourselves. We have families who want us to come back home from our missions, which is why we need to be able to trust in our equipment, engines and gear. The goal is for us to come back in one piece".

Stellan Skeppargård
Head of The Swedish Sea Rescue Society station, Höganäs

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Power and reliability

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society in Höganäs is one of around 70 stations located in Sweden, manning boats of different sizes. Altogether, the stations have more than 2000 volunteers to keep the organization running.

The missions the station assist in are very varied and can concern anything from cases of illness, injuries on marine transports, to boats gone aground in the rocky strait.

Together with 15 other volunteers, manning three boats around the clock, all year round, and set out to assist those in need of the Sea Rescue’s help in the northern parts of Öresund. Among their fleet is a Rescue Runner and a 6-meter Rib boat, powered by an OXE200.

An important aspect, especially regarding missions where time is of the essence, is that the equipment used by the SSRS is reliable. Stellan means that it is primarily about the safety of the volunteers.

Minding the power and the reliability of an OXE200, the SSRS quickly depart and return home from their missions, safe and sound.

"We particularly like the OXE200 as it is a powerful diesel engine. Since our big boat also runs on diesel, fuel management is very easy. We also think that diesel engines are favorable because they are safer and more reliable, given the environment we work in."


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