OXE Marine collaborates with JET-TECH's state-of-art water jet technology, providing 1:1 ratio of power to propulsion.



The highest possible efficiency of any diesel outboard waterjet with zero loss of power.

The OXE300 is a bi-turbo, diesel configuration that provides its full 680Nm (502ft-lb) of torque at the crankshaft already at 1750rpm, at 1000rpm the engine provides over 500Nm (369ft-lb) at the crankshaft. These are torque numbers that were previously unheard of in the outboard industry and provide the user with massive bollard pulling power, as well as fast-hole shot acceleration.

Available now with water-jet propulsion, specially developed to capture all the torque and speed produced by the powerful diesel engine. 


Developed especially to endure the high torque of OXE outboard engines, JET-TECH technology delivers 100% of engine horsepower as water jet propulsion. Watch this video to learn more about our technology.


  • Forward-facing impeller allows performance equal to or better than a standard propeller.
    A direct bolt-on plug-and-play replacement to the OXE Diesel lower unit.
    Retains the high torch produced by the patented OXE Diesel belt drive.


Safer for the marine environment, and you.

A waterjet substitutes the propeller, eliminating the risk of the propeller hitting rocks, the ocean floor or injuring animals or humans swimming close by the boat.

Technical specifications


Long Range and Great Fuel Economy

Due to a significantly lower fuel consumption than a leisure outboard, the OXE Diesel offers the user unprecedented range. The fact that OXE Diesel runs on diesel gives the user the ability to refuel from larger diesel-powered vessels or marine-based platforms that further increase the versatility. This greatly increases operational runtimes for operators who predominantly use diesel as the main fuel. The OXE Diesel also has great fuel economy and uses 46% less fuel than a modern, leisure, gasoline outboard.

Power and Versatility

The powerful high torque of the 6 cylinder Bi-turbo diesel engine manifests itself throughout the OXE300. Together with the modular design and robust transmission, it provides the users with reliable options to use the engine as both a powerful workhorse and a high-speed solution.

Diesel provides for high efficiency and torque. It gives increased load capacity and greatly reduced fuel consumption compared to gasoline, increasing the range by up to 87%.

Environmental benefits

Reduced CO2 emissions

The reduced fuel consumption is a key factor to why the OXE Diesel engine emits significantly lower CO2 than a gasoline outboard engine. One liter of diesel produces approximately 2.69kg CO2 and one liter of gasoline produces 2.36kg CO2 when ignited. Since the OXE Diesel consumes up to 46% less fuel than comparable gasoline alternatives, the OXE Diesel reduces CO2 emissions by over 35.5%.

When fueled with BioDiesel, OXE300 reduce net CO2 by up to 94.2% compared to gasoline outboards.

Reduced CO emissions

Just as with CO2, the reduced fuel consumption is a key factor to why the OXE Diesel engine emits significantly lower CO when comparing the OXE Diesel to pleasure craft gasoline outboards. The much stricter directives that exist in the automotive industry, such as for example the EPA Tier III regulations, have directly benefitted the OXE Diesel engine since its powerhead is derived from the automotive industry. In accordance with EPA Tier III, one litre of diesel should only emit 8.36g while the non-regulated gasoline engines can emit up to 620g/l.

Reducued HC and NOx emissions

Lower fuel consumption means that the OXE Diesel engine emits significantly lower HC and NOx than gasoline outboard engines. One liter of diesel produces approximately 17.8g of HC+NOx when ignited, compared to 33.4g of HC+NOfor one liter of gasoline.

Since the OXE Diesel consumes up to 42% less fuel than comparable gasoline alternatives, the OXE Diesel reduces the HC+NOx emissions by up to 69.8%.

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