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"It's not often one sees an outboard go viral, but when it does, it's an OXE."

Maritime Propulsion
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"Although the diesel engines [OXE Diesel] are more expensive than the petrol engine when purchased, this is covered after approx. 650 hours of operation due to lower consumption and lower fuel prices"

Alf Fagerheim


"It is well known in the boating industry that the popularity of outboard motors continues to trend upward. I/Os are dead in the water. Inboards now seem relegated to midsize and larger motor­yachts. Twin outboards are so passé. Triples and quads are de rigueur. Besides adding another motor to the highly reinforced transom of, say, a 40‘ (12.2m) centre-console fishing machine, are there any other options? Well, yes, sort of. There is an emerging market for diesel outboard engines (outboard motors was always a poor choice of words)".

Dan Spurr
Professional Boatbuilder Magazine

Citat De Haas 1.1

"OXE’s were the obvious workhorses for our operations. With 45% less fuel consumption comparative to gasoline outboards, high engine torque and thrust, remote availability of diesel fuels, engine cabin heater options and higher operation cruise speeds makes OXE a great fit."

Andrew Reynolds
Trend Diesel

Doubleoxe (3)

"The EU is determined to deliver on its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and we are working with Member States on their plans to become carbon-neutral by 2050. OXE Marine's outboard engine project drastically reduces emissions, while enabling the coast guard and rescue police who use the heavy-duty engines to continue carrying out their work at sea."

Arias Cañete
European Commissioner, Responsible for climate action and energy

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"Apart from the high torque of ΟΧΕ 300 at low rpm which is strongly felt after 2500 rpm, what impressed us the most was its extremely low noise levels that it really makes it ideal for long working hours without tiring its operator."

Thomas P

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"In use, the Oxe diesel outboards distinguish themselves by being mostly indistinguishable from the well-proven and well-loved gas-powered outboards most mariners are familiar with. Because they have a fairly deep exhaust note, at idle the Oxe outboards can actually seem somewhat quieter than a gas outboard. At higher revs and wider throttle settings, they have a distinctive muffled growl that’s been compared to the Dark Knight-era Batmobile".

Simon Hill
Western Mariner

Dehaas 2

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