To meet commercial customer's demands, the OXE Diesel was designed with ease of maintenance and service in mind.

What can you expect?

It is important for us for our customers to have confidence in our products and peace of mind that comes from our support through our distributor and dealer network.

Our Warranty

The scope of our warranties varies based on several factors, including the specific application, your location, and the dealer servicing your area. To gain a deeper understanding of the warranty applicable to you, we encourage you to reach out to your nearest OXE Diesel dealer at find-a-dealer. Alternatively, for immediate assistance, feel free to email us at warranty@oxemarine.com

For those interested in added protection, extended coverage options are readily available upon request.

Our T&C’s

For detailed insights into our terms and conditions, as well as technical information including user manuals and installation guides, applicable within the United States please proceed by clicking the following link:

[Access U.S. Terms & Conditions, User Manuals, and Installation Guides]

For our valued global audience outside the United States, seeking detailed information on our terms, conditions, technical specifics, user manuals, and installation guides, please proceed by clicking the following link:

[View International Terms & Conditions, User Manuals, and Installation Guides]

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With the OXE Configurator, you can easily select your desired power output, shaft length and other specifications to create the perfect outboard for your specific application.

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