Service Points

To meet commercial customer's demands, the OXE Diesel was designed with ease of maintenance and service in mind.

Easy and straightforward maintenance

All service access points for daily maintenance checks are located in the front of the engine. This makes service and maintenance as easy and straightforward as possible, even in the harshest of conditions. The modular design makes it possible to approach service and maintenance in a flexible way, as entire modules can be swapped out and serviced on land, hence keeping operational runtimes up.


The service intervals of 200 hours for routine service and 800 hours for an extended service is a testament to the reliability of the system. Dealer service is recommended after each 2000 hours in use. In comparison with other outboards, which are typically designed for more than 350 hours in use, in line with the CE regulations, the OXE Diesel far surpasses that.


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