OXE Diesel is the world’s first high-performance diesel outboard engine, built and designed for the demanding commercial user. Discover the different models below.

Our diesel models

OXE Diesel 125 HP

The OXE125 is the recommended work tool for vessels or barges, that need high loading capacity, long operating hours, high agility and high torque.

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OXE Diesel 150 hp

The OXE150 is considered the ultimate work tool for many commercial users, especially heavy-duty vessels with single or multiple installations.

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OXE Diesel 175 hp

The OXE175 is also the ultimate work tool for planning vessels that need to carry heavy loads for longer periods of time

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OXE Diesel 200 hp

The primary customers for the OXE200 are governmental, transportation, and search and rescue organizations, as well as other users with high-speed demands.

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OXE Diesel 300 hp

The OXE300 is a bi-turbo configuration that provides its full 680NM of torque at the crankshaft already at 1750rpm, at 1000rpm the engine provides over 500NM at the crankshaft. These are torque numbers that were previously unheard of in the outboard industry and provide the user with massive bollard pulling power, as well as fast hole shot acceleration.

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OXE Kreta

Kreta is designed for those who seek reliability at all times, offering superyacht tender boats unparalleled mastery of range, fuel efficiency, maintenance, safety and manoeuvrability, as well as ease of refuelling directly from the yacht.

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