Search and Rescue

OXE Diesel combines the reliability and endurance of marine inboards with the flexibility and agility of outboard engines, offering unprecedented efficiency, range, torque and manoeuvrability.

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue operations are usually dual-purpose in nature, and the missions often demand both speed and strength. The engines must be robust to endure harsh conditions in order to get to the target’s position fast and torquey enough to tug, push or carry the target back to safety.

Safety, robustness and strength

In search and rescue applications, the mission is not complete until the object is found and retrieved to the safety of the mainland. The recovery also includes, in some cases, towing vessels and objects to safety to avoid further damage. For this part of the operation robustness and strength of the rescue, vessels are required. The high efficiency of the OXE Diesel allows for a longer operational range, which means the search area can be expanded and extended due to the reduced need for refuelling.

The safety and increased range of running on diesel, the flexibility of an outboard, high alternator output, and reliability, offered specifically by the OXE175 and OXE150, are all critical aspects that make search and rescue operations easier for the user. Another important feature of the OXE Diesel design is its low noise level, making it easier to pick-up distress calls in bad weather.

Read more about how the Swedish Sea Rescue Society use an OXE200 in their daily operations. 


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