OXE300: Available now in white or black cowling

OXE300 is the latest outboard in the OXE Diesel series. Born from a demand for even more power, torque and range, the OXE300 does not compromise on either reliability or control. Now available in black or white cowling

OXE Diesel 300 in White Cowling

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OXE Diesel is the world’s first high-performance diesel outboard engine, built and designed for the demanding commercial user.

"It's not often one sees an outboard go viral, but when it does, it's an OXE."

Maritime Propulsion,
Powering the Maritime Industry

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OXE300 available in white

Jet-Tech Propulsion LLC introduces the all-new world’s first ultra-high-performance waterjet (Jet-Tech®) for outboards.

Jet-Tech Propulsion LLC (Jet Tech) (an Outdoor Network LLC company), through a partnership with Diesel Outboards LLC, today introduced the new ultra-high-performance waterjet designed for an outboard diesel engine and more. We now proudly, in collaboration with OXE Marine AB (OXE), offer the industry’s first ultra-high-performance and high-efficiency outboard waterjet.

Magnus Grönborg, new CEO for OXE Marine AB

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